Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 Results – Pennsylvania Lottery | Jackpot

Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 Results

Pennsylvania Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 Results – Cash4life PA draws get updated on a daily basis in a given time. PA Lottery organization gives the option to purchase the Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 ticket In advance. Cash4life PA draw is held every day. Cash4life PA drawing is held at 09:00 PM EST, and the sale of the ticket end 15 min before the draw(08:45 EST).  Keep visiting us at for any kind of information related to the PA lottery or Lottery results and winning numbers related to the Pennsylvania lottery.

If you are looking for Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 Lottery Results and Winning Numbers, then you are in the right place.  Below you will find the complete details of Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 numbers and how to play and claim this lottery, what is Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 winning numbers and the results of today.

Jackpot Prize Of Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022: $1,000.

Congratulation to Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 winner:

For the Fastest Results Of Pennsylvania, Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 visit us Regularly. The summary of today’s result and winning numbers for today 22 Sep 2022. And the winner will get up to $1,000.

Drawing DateLottery NameWinning NumbersCash Ball
Thursday, 22 Sep 2022Cash4life PA06-03-10-26-402

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Next Cash4life PA Live Draw;Cash4life PA 21 Sep 2022

23 Sep 2022 Friday exactly at 09:00 PM ET.

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Pennsylvania (PA) Cash4life Past 30 days winning numbers:

You can also see past winning numbers of the Pennsylvania Lottery Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022 lottery and previous days, weeks, months, and years before 22 Sep 2022.

Drawing DateLottery NameWinning NumbersCash Ball
21 Sep 2022Cash4life PA4-60-48-43-11
20 Sep 2022Cash4life PA28-45-44-10-14
19 Sep 2022Cash4life PA16-18-37-48-543
18 Sep 2022Cash4life PA50-8-54-45-414
17 Sep 2022Cash4life PA2-54-42-32-214
16 Sep 2022Cash4life PA56-42-48-18-84
15 Sep 2022Cash4life PA02-03-25-57-431
14 Sep 2022Cash4life PA25-44-33-14-213
13 Sep 2022Cash4life PA55-27-31-24-91
12 Sep 2022Cash4life PA37-31-21-42-601
11 Sep 2022Cash4life PA23-14-32-27-513
10 Sep 2022Cash4life PA4-8-34-52-23-63
09 Sep 2022Cash4life PA36-48-27-39-502
08 Sep 2022Cash4life PA54-49-55-21-483
07 Sep 2022Cash4life PA59-14-39-47-23
06 sep 2022Cash4life PA1-13-17-57-604
05 Sep 2022Cash4life PA25-55-8-43-121
04 Sep 2022Cash4life PA11-10-28-36-202
03 Sep 2022Cash4life PA17-34-36-56-602
02 Sep 2022Cash4life PA2-21-27-39-493
01 Sep 2022Cash4life PA50-15-54-2-263
31 Aug 2022Cash4life PA19-31-39-9-544
30 Aug 2022Cash4life PA2-5-14-40-483
29 Aug 2022Cash4life PA24-51-31-1-23
28 Aug 2022Cash4life PA16-23-27-29-574
27 Aug 2022Cash4life PA23-19-38-5-203
26 Aug 2022Cash4life PA18-23-55-39-12
25 Aug 2022Cash4life PA10-27-29-51-591

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How to play Pennsylvania Cash4life 22 Sep 2022:

  • The easy way to play Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022, First you have to buy a ticket worth $2 for every time you play.
  • Five numbered balls will be drawn from 1 to 60 and one numbered ball will be drawn from another set of numbers from 1 to 4.
  • If you don’t want to choose by yourself, you have the option of Quik Pik to draw random numbers.
  • All you have to do is match five numbers and the money ball. However, there are nine ways to win.
  • The choice is yours regarding selecting the numbers if you want to manually select the numbers or let the computer select the numbers for you. For one or both sets of the numbers. Read more about cash4life multi-state lottery.>>

How to claim Pennsylvania Cash4life 22 Sep 2022:

  • For claiming prizes of Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022, You have to be at least 18 years old to play Cash4life PA 22 Sep 2022.
  • All prizes or no prizes can only be claimed by tickets printed from lottery terminals.
  • Lottery tickets and shop receipts are not proof of purchase.
  • Cash4life PA Lottery tickets are anonymous, which means that the person presenting the ticket is presumed to be the owner.
  • Always sign the back of the Cash4life ticket immediately.
  • If a ticket is lost before it is signed for, the ticket will no longer be valid possession.
  • You must claim your Cash4life Lottery jackpot within 1 year of the jackpot-winning date


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